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Award-winning cuisine.

An elevated airport dining experience through 
collaboration with locally & globally celebrated
chefs. Bringing a locally inspired, inventive
culinary offering to the airport traveler.


Local Ingredients

By sourcing ingredients locally, your OTG dining experience will be one filled with flavor, freshness and variety.


Premier Wine Selection

An offering of local and international wines by the bottle and by the glass, ensuring you will never be without your new favorite.


Italian Flair

Thick slices of rustic Italian boule scented with fresh garlic, heaped with vine ripened tomatoes, and drizzled with a rich extra virgin olive oil. Bruschetta, done right, is Italian culinary simplicity at its best.


Chef Driven

OTG collaborates with world-renowned chefs and local restaurateurs to bring inspiring menus and unique flavors to each of our dining experiences.


The Perfect Burger

Freshly ground beef seared on a flat top, served on a toasted bakery fresh bun with warm melted cheese and crisp vegetables. What better way to relax on your journey than an all American meal prepared fresh and made to order.


Immersive, Modern Spaces.

A fundamentally transformed terminal, working with the world's greatest designers to re-imagine the physical space through use of striking, free-flowing spaces.


Minnibar: MSP

Inspired by the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnibar offers a vision of what it looks like when land and water marry. Fiberglass panels flow upwards, forming a water canopy that radiates from the central focal point of the bar. Grounded by green, yellow, and white custom mosaic glass tiles that wrap the base, this freestanding, cylindrical cafe becomes a hub for travelers at the heart of the gate hold area.


Marathi: YYZ

A soaring wooden trellis built of stained teak with a collection of vibrant orange, yellow and purple glass pendants hung throughout inspired by the rich spices in Indian cuisine. The bar die tile is a metallic bronze that complements the dark brown bar accent. The stained concrete countertop and the light brown floor tiles evoke an outdoor atmosphere throughout the space.


Deep Blue: JFK

Housed at JFK's Terminal 5, this dramatic restaurant has an ethereal feel of being in a water environment, complemented by a modern, clean aesthetic.


Local: PHL

A beer hall concept rooted in the history and culture of Philadelphia. Locally sourced materials were used to inform the warm color palette and textures of the space, finishing the bar die with butternut wood and copper accents, and Virginia Mist granite for the bar top surrounding the open kitchen. The uplit stone archways emanate a warm glow throughout the space, showcasing laminated glass with all fifty-six signatures from the Declaration of Independence.


Wibar: LGA

Wibar transforms the wine drinking experience by bringing the back bar into the public space and making each seat feel like you are sitting at the sommelier's feature table. The space is bookended by two feature wine walls that extend off the central bar. A feature chandelier composed of more than 1,100 custom fumed glass crystals creates a canopy above the entire space, both collecting and reflecting light to create a transforming experience for the viewer.


The Gate Experience

Welcome to a new level of comfort, right at the gate. The experience starts when a customer sits down in front of a iPad at one of our newly renovated seating areas at the gate. From there, they can select their language and order meals through an intuitive visual menu, where OTG wait staff is on hand to assist throughout the entire process. Orders are then prepared fresh, and delivered to their seat in 15 minutes or less.


Leading-Edge Technology.

Meeting the evolving needs of the modern traveler, our signature iPad based technology includes a custom Flight Tracker, intuitive Visual Menu and Recommendation Engine, Language Support and much more. Customers can also charge up at any of the numerous outlets or USB interfaces.

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